Mission Statement:

Oh My Yoni is dedicated to providing exceptional services, information, products and education. We are on a mission to create an ‘OMY TRIBE’ of both men and women, who understand the importance of integrating and balancing the feminine. We intend to do so through such services as:

  • Yin Yoga Classes
  • Tantric Philosophy Talks and Tips
  • Sensual Education (the stuff we were never taught at school about our own bodies)
  • Yin and Zensual Meditation Classes
  • Yoni Masterclasses – events/ classes and workshops
  • 1 – 1 Client services through Sensual Embodiment Coaching, Yin Yoga and Tantric Energy Healing Services (either in person or via online)
  • Online Programs and Memberships
  • Products and Information to help you along your journey
  • Affiliation Programs
  • Creating a platform to find practitioners and their services

Whatever level or stage you are at on your Journey, OMY can cater to your needs, whether you are looking to start your self-love journey from a soft place incorporating yoga and new ways of health thinking or if you are wanting to dive deeper into understanding yours or your partners pleasure and how you can access bliss within every cell of your being, we have you covered!

So take a deep breath and let go as you walk the path of the sensual soul