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Date and Time
Fri. 19 January 2018
6:30 pm – 9:00 pm AEST
Broadbeach Waters, QLD 4218 Australia


As we peel back our layers, our truth will slowly begin to unfurl, like a budding rose that starts to open petal by petal, not with force, but simply by nurturing it, we can start to see it naturally blossom.
We store all of our emotions within the physical body, including our beliefs and perceptions towards what our naked body means. As women we are conditioned around what our sexuality means in the world, what our naked body represents and even how this is meant to look or be. We shame ourselves and hide our imperfections, and imbed this deep belief that tells us that we are not good enoug, not realizing the true beauty that lies within our unique temples.
A temple to be honored, to be loved and to truly allow ourselves to just be as we are, that we are beyond good enough, we are stardust that has merely forgotten that it can light up the night sky.
Come dive into a beautiful immersion, where we will step into what holds us back, we will burn away the negative beliefs and over 2.5 hours we will slowly begin to reconnect with our nature, layer by layer, pose by pose, releasing what no longer serves us, through a gentle yin flow that will nourish the mind, body and soul and allow us to surrender into our feminine essence.
Words alone cannot describe the true power this class will have, something that can only be described as magic will happen.
If you are ready to reclaim your naked truth, to start to reconnect with your essence and to truly nourish yourself in profound ways, then come on a journey with me as I guide you back to the Goddess within you.
(This is a Women’s only event)
Once you’ve purchased your ticket please email with your name and contact number for the address details
Love & Light xox